Seven Top Tips When Buying Furniture To Upcycle

More often than not antique furniture is much better quality than MDF fashion furniture of today, so whether you are looking for the perfect piece for your home or you do this for profit, here are some top tips to help you When buying furniture. 

#1 Check the piece of furniture over for visible damage. Can you fix it? Will you need someone else to carry out the repair? Will it run expensive? These are all things to consider.


#2 Woodworm! Check all around the piece including the back panel for any telltale signs that the furniture has visitors! Are they active or a passed problem? This is rectifiable so no need to put you off - just so you are aware before you take it home or to your workshop and infest everything else! Also factor in the cost again if you are doing this to flip.


#3 Drawers - the bane of my life!!! Check they all glide without having to pull a muscle in your shoulder to open them. Again this can be rectified along with dropped drawers. Just ask yourself is it something you have the skill set for, will you need to pay someone to fix.


#4 Check the legs (if the piece of furniture has any) are they wobbly, will they need repairing or replacing. Remember to factor that cost in again.



#5 Damaged veneer can be a minor repair or a full on headache depending on how bad it is. Do you want that headache?


#6 Don’t be afraid to say no especially when buying online. We’ve all been there - Only two pictures available, but it looks okay-ish, description doesn’t say there’s any damage. So you arrange to go to view it or buy it. You get there and it’s only fit for firewood. You stand there awkward expected to bundle this pile of mouldy wood into your car, your hearts racing and your trying to think of excuses.... been there done that.... Don’t just don’t. Thank them for letting you view but on this occasion it’s not suitable for your project/house. That’s it, you don’t need any further explanation....Simple.


#7 There’s so many places to acquire antique furniture today, auctions, house clearance company’s, second hand shops, social media and the internet. If you aren’t “in person” to see these things -ask!!!! Ask questions, ask for more pictures, ask for a video. Don’t be afraid to ASK!!!


Happy Upcyclying Peeps!!! 

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