Fusion Mineral Paint..... at last!!!!!

So as you will know if you are a Fusion Mineral Paint user it’s been pretty hard to come by during this world pandemic. Obviously production was halted during the height of it all, this then backlogs the demand, then add to the mix this is shipped over from Canada all around the world. Ports have been down, delayed etc..... hence problems getting it here to the UK. 
The Homestead House company have worked tirelessly to try and keep all countries as stocked as possible and our UK latest shipment has been delivered by air (at great expense) this is the shipment we are all waiting on now! After that it will be September before the boat shipment arrives. 
Due to this all UK retailers have been limited to what we can order - this is to ensure all stockists have some. Due to this we are running on a limited amount each and limited colour range. Hopefully by next shipment things will be more normal. 
Thankyou all for being so patient and understanding! You can see what’s available under our Fusion Mineral Paint section on the website! Spend £60 and get free shipping!

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